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WFIL PAMS Series 37
Sounds GREAT.  It's also a big help in knowing which jocks were there at the time as it has variations of each jocks I.D.

Philadelphia Story
The Philadelphia Story jingle package from PAMS.  In our opinion, one of the better packages.
PAMS Series 32
Grid 1968
PAMS Series 33 & 34
Grid 1969
WFIL Jingles
PAMS Series 40.
There's some tape squeal in this one.
These are GREAT jingles! The first really good stereo I've heard from PAMS. They were for the "Beautiful Music" format.
WFIL Jingle Sampler
Cuts from just about every jingle package aired on WFIL!
Philadelphia Flow Demo
Demo for the PAMS package created for WFIL to sell to other stations.
MusicRadio/Music Sounds Best On Jingle Package
Not sure when this package was used but it was later in WFIL's history.

The following are in WAV format

WFIL Top Hour ID
(The Philadelphia Story package)
Famous 56 Jingle
from 1968
WFIL Top Hour ID
George Michael Jingle
from 1967
WFIL Top Hour ID
1966 custom package)
George Michael Jingle
from 1968
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