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WIBG Year End Promos
Year: 1963.  Year end promos from all the Wibbage jocks.
WIBG Xmas Greetings
Year: 1963.  Christmas greetings from most of your favorite WIBG jocks.  All pretty straight except Hyski who, as usual, put his own 'spin' on his.
WIBG Series 18a
From 1961, cuts from the the first jingle package I can recall hearing on WIBG.  Fidelity is pretty darn good too!

WIBG Pepper-Tanner
Jeff Demko was kind enough to send these jingles.  We have no idea if they were even used (we doubt it).  Notice the third jingle says "Nine Thirty".  WIBG was NEVER on that frequency so it could have been either a mistake in a demo or some weird time-check.
Where Your Friends Are Montage
Second generation from the WIBG master thanks to Dan Rapak!
PAMS Series 30
Excellent quality!
Thanks to John Pizzi.
PAMS Series 14, 16 &17
Selected cuts
WIBG CRC Series 5
These are some of the first jingles used by Wibbage!
WIBG Johnny Mann Jingles
FINALLY!  We've got a few for ya'!
WIBG News Sounders
A couple of news openers
WIBG CRC Jingle Package
I don't think these jingles ever appeared on WIBG.  It has always been a common practice that jingle companies use a BIG stations call letters in a demo package (whether they buy/bought the package or not).

The following files are in WAV format

Where The Action Is Hy Lit #1 Repeating
Anytime Hy Lit #2 School Days
Blue Skies Hy Lit #3 Snow
Generic #1 Instrumental Spirit
Generic #2 Niagra Morning Show Open Sports
Generic #3 One & Only TGIF
Generic #4 Overcoat Weather #1
Get Happy Positive Charge Weather #2
Go Fast Peel Out Weather #3
Happiest Distance Popular Music Wonderland
Heatwave Remember  
All American #1 Good Morning People
All American #2 Hall Of Fame Smile
All American #3 Happens First Weather #5
All American #4 Happy Holiday Winner #1
Boop Number One Winner #2
Future Hit PSA

All cuts in the next segment are from "Where Your Friends Are"

Better ID Slow #1
Count On ID (Soul) Slow #2
Far from a friend Laughin Slow Soul
Find A Friend Livin Transition-Fast/Fast
Generic #1 Mellow Transition-Fast/Med
Generic #2 Out In The Country Transition-Med/Slow
Generic #3 Peace Transition-Slow/Fast
Hear It River Deep Heard It
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