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The following are some good links to information, airchecks and jingles from the "golden days" of Top 40; not to mention some current radio stuff.  If you know of more or would like to add yours, please click here.

440 Satistaction

440 International
Where are they now?
Great site for finding air talent, past and present

History of Central Florida Radio

A Tribute by Jack Decker to one of the most influential AM stations ever...and with the BEST audio ever heard on a AM station!
Site dedicated to WFIL.  Airchecks, jingles & pictures from "Famous 56"!

JAM Productions

JAM Productions:
Makers of fine jingles


A tribute to another great Top 40 station


MusicRadio WABC:
A tribute to one of the GREAT stations of the Top 40 era

LOTS of airchecks, links and news about radio from all over the planet!

Uncle Ricky's Rell Top 40 Repository

Reel Top 40 Radio Repository:
"Uncle" Ricky Irwin presents TONS of great classic Top 40 airchecks using RealAudio.  This site is a MUST for any serious Top 40 buff!

Great site from Art Vuolo, Jr. (Radio's Best Friend) filled with audio AND video airchecks!  Special thanks to Art for the DVD of classic Philadelphia jocks.  We'll be pulling some audio off it soon to share with you here on the site.  Unfortunately, we don't have the facilities/software to pull of any of the video.

Tribute to former WKBW Radio, Western New York's only 50,000 watt Rock 'n Roll Station. Photos, audio clips and interesting history notes of one of the most listened to radio stations on the east coast of the USA


A tribute to one of the GREAT stations of the Top 40 era

WRKO Remembered

WRKO Remembered
Shel Swartz WRKO Tribute site.  Airchecks, pictures and stories from the guys who were there.

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